About Us

tripwolf (http://www.tripwolf.com) is a personal online travel guide which is also available on mobile phones as a travel app. tripwolf combines traditional travel information from travel guides such as “Marco Polo” and “Footprint” with up-to-the-minute, high-quality travel tips from thousands of travelers from around the world. With 5 million app downloads, the tripwolf mobile app are among the most successful travel guides on the market. At the moment, more than 500 guides to the most beautiful destinations in the world are available as in-app downloads, and new guides are continuously being added. On the web users can browse hundreds of destinations and thousands of sights, restaurants, hotels and more and individually create a custom guide for download.

tripwolf is available in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French. Founded in 2008, tripwolf GmbH is led by Wilfried Schaffner and employs an international 15-member team based in Vienna.
Company Information

tripwolf.com (http://www.tripwolf.com) is an online platform of tripwolf GmbH, which was founded in 2008 and based in Vienna. tripwolf GmbH was founded by Sebastian Heinzel and is now led by Wilfried Schaffner. Currently, the Viennese company employs a 15-member international team. The MairDuMont Group, market leader for tourist information in Germany and Europe, is an investor in tripwolf GmbH.


The tripwolf Manifesto

A Ten-Point Declaration for Digital Nomads, Flashpackers, tripwolves, and other Travelers in the 21st Century. The internet and social networks have changed the way we travel: today we look up information wherever and whenever we need to, we share our experiences online, with our mobile and with locals.

We believe this change has made a new way to travel possible and we’ve put those thoughts into the 10 points of our tripwolf Manifesto.

tripwolf Management

Wilfried Schaffner
In October 2013, the Upper Austrian Wilfried Schaffner took up as CEO of tripwolf after 13 years of work experience in start-ups such as Truck24 and Mobile Messenger. On his international executive positions in countries such as Germany, the USA and Australia, he gathered an extensive expert knowledge in the field of online and mobile products and development.

Sebastian Heinzel 
Sebastian Heinzel (34) is the co-founder of tripwolf. He is a passionate globetrotter who has traveled to 65 countries and a former journalist who understood what producing good content is all about. After studying economics in the UK, Spain and Austria, he pursued a career in journalism, reporting from every corner of the earth for top German media outlets such as “profil”, “Die Zeit” and “Spiegel Online”, finally ending up in New York. He contributed not only eight years of experience with both “old” and “new” media to tripwolf, before entrusting Wilfried Schaffner from Upper Austria with the direction of tripwolf.