tripwolf Travel App: Over 3 Million Mobile Travel Guide Downloads

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Mobile Guides by the Vienna Based Start-Up Conquer the World

tripwolf, a mobile travel guide available in five languages, reports over three million mobile travel guide downloads at the end of 2011.  This makes tripwolf one of the market leaders in mobile travel guides worldwide. The guides are equipped with valuable travel information, offline maps and an Augmented Reality viewer, meeting the needs of modern travelers.  tripwolf’s mobile travel guides are available for iPhone and Android smart phones. Basic guides are free, while Premium guides currently cost $5.99 per destination, including free updates after purchase.

Among more than 200 destinations, the most popular tripwolf guides are those for Berlin, London and New York, followed by Barcelona and Paris. “With over three million guides downloaded for iPhone and Android, we are now among the most successful players in the field of mobile travel apps”, says tripwolf CEO Sebastian Heinzel. “Our apps are especially popular because they work offline and don’t require the user to have an internet connection to utilize the travel information.” 

tripwolf’s travel content comes from the tripwolf editorial team, the tripwolf community and guidebook publishers like “Marco Polo” and “Footprint”. The apps combine great travel information and tips with useful features that traditional travel guidebooks cannot offer:  With offline maps users can navigate through foreign cities, all without having to go online and pay for expensive roaming charges.  Another feature, the Augmented Reality viewer, recognizes sights through a phone’s camera, showing names of nearby sights directly on the display.  For the most relevant sights, the app contains further background information by Wikipedia.

The mobile travel guides by tripwolf are available in both iPhone and Android apps. tripwolf also offers white label and sponsoring solutions for travel guide publishers and tourism organizations such as the iPhone app for  Footprint Travel Guides and the app for Tourism Tropical North Queensland in Australia which will soon be available.

About tripwolf:

tripwolf ( is a personal online travel guide which is also available on mobile phones as a travel app. tripwolf combines traditional travel information from travel guides such as “Marco Polo” and “Footprint” with up-to-the-minute, high-quality travel tips from thousands of travelers from around the world. With over 3 Million guide downloads and 1.6 million app downloads, the tripwolf mobile app are among the most successful travel guides on the market. At the moment, more than 200 guides to the most beautiful destinations in the world are available as in-app downloads, and new guides are continuously being added. On the web users can browse hundreds of destinations and thousands of sights, restaurants, hotels and more and individually create a custom guide for download.

tripwolf is available in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French. Founded in 2008, tripwolf GmbH is led by Sebastian Heinzel and employs an international 15-member team based in Vienna.

Media Contact:

Adena Harford | US Country Manager

Vermont, USA
Phone: +1 802 310 7029
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