The tripwolf Team

Wilfried Schaffner, CEO

Traveling and work have always been two sides of the same coin for Wil. In his work life he stopped over on 3 continents, at 3 oceans and worked in 3 start-ups. At tripwolf, he finally managed to merge these two topics. Whenever he’s not working on improving other peoples’ travels, he loves to take his family, car and tent into remote regions, solitary national parks or lonely forests. But he also mastered more adventurous challenges, like the 800 km St. James’ Way to Santiago de Compostela, and he ran a marathon in every city he lived in for more than 3 months (that makes 5 so far).

Ralf Stoltze, Product Manager

While escaping from a hferd of elephants in Botswana, Ralf made the decision to apply for a job at tripwolf. As a Product Manager he takes care of our apps, plans releases and serves our partners ever since. Ralf grew up in Germany and moved to Austria just in time for the UEFA Euro 2008. He studied in Leipzig and the Northern Swedish city of Umeå. Ralf traveled Southern Africa, Australia, Canada and across Europe.

Martin Petraschek, CTO

Martin studied at the Technical University of Vienna. At tripwolf he is in charge of the Android app and the development of the backend system. In his spare time he loves to go hiking or climb on via ferratas with his wife and kids. When time permits, he rides his mountain bike in the hills around Vienna.

Aldo Calpini, Lead Backend, Frontend

Aldo was born in Rome. After his studies and working several years for well known IT companies in Italy, he finally moved to Vienna in 2008. At tripwolf he takes care of the website, the backend system and the technical infrastructure, which means that he often gets distress calls from the few technically ungifted members of the tripwolf pack. When not in front of a computer, he enjoys skiing in the Austrian Alps.

Philipp Haydn, Head of Content

Philipp is a founding member of tripwolf and is responsible for tripwolf content in all formats: iPhone app, website, and PDF. His journalism experience covers all media, as creator of features for radio (Austrian radio Ö1) and television and reports in newspapers and magazines. After receiving a master's degree in science studies (University of Vienna/Edinburgh), he lived in New York City for 7 years. He loves all of his journeys – whether in the world, on the Internet, or simply in his mind.

Lena Sharma, Innovation and Communication Manager

Born an Indian girl in Austria, Lena counts herself lucky to have two home countries instead of one. Sometimes she prefers traveling uncomfortably and picks long distance train rides over short distance flights. All-inclusive? Only in combination with scuba diving. She’s fallen in love with Scandinavia and places near the sea, but finds something interesting in almost every place and culture. During non-travel times she likes to play the drums and watch (old and new) movies. For tripwolf, she manages all communication from and to the outside (blog, Social Media, PR, user support).

Annalena Bottmann, Social Media Assistant

Annalena, nicknamed Lea, would prefer traveling all the time. Whenever her studies in psychology allow her to, she’s up touring through countries like China or Morocco, diving into foreign cultures. After a short stop in Munich, the native German decided to move to Vienna. In her free time, she likes to cook, read and put her creative energies into her own T-shirt label lalelu. For tripwolf, she’s is assisting the Marketing team and handling the Social Media communication.

Maros Galik, Senior Software Engineer

Maros comes from East Slovakia, where he spent all his childhood and adolescence investigating the local pub culture and trends in mobile technology. After his 18th birthday he moved to Bratislava, where he earned a bachelor's desgree in applied computer science. Since then he has traveled widely and also earned a master's degree in cognitive science. At tripwolf, Maros is responsible for the development of the tripwolf iPhone application, so every day he pulls his hair out in the battle with iOS.

Oleksii Kirizii, iOS Client

Oleksii was born in Kiev, Ukraine. From early childhood he was IT-addicted person with some passion for computer graphics. He was always looking for ways to combine these fields and for beginning graduated in Desktop publishing technologies in National Technical University of Ukraine. Then he started his experiments with web, game development and interactive technologies and finally came to mobile development where all this things really meet one another. In tripwolf Oleksii is responsible for iOS development and sometimes applies his designer skills to make the tripwolf muzzle even more cute.

Moritz Christian, Marketing & Sales Manager

Moritz joined the tripwolf pack 2 and a half years ago and is mainly responsible for our mobile marketing activities ever since. Even before he finishes his studies at the Modul University Vienna, he picked up the travel bug – he's always been interested in all kinds of culture, countries, and languages. Having gained some experience in gastronomy and the hotel industry, he is keen to combine his biggest hobby with his profession.

Ana Fañanás, Country Manager Spain

Ana grew up in the Pyrinees, lived in several places in Spain and moved to New York to finish her International Marketing and Communication studies. Her favourite word is Wanderlust: She has travelled throughout Europe, America, Asia and Africa… and feels that she still has so much to discover! She was awarded “Best Pre-University Student” in Spain, and now has over 10 years of professional experience working in multinational companies such as Young & Rubicam, FoxTV - National Geographic Channel, Carat and Havas Media.



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