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tripwolf is a great place for travelers who have a passion for creative writing. If you would like to write for tripwolf, please drop us an email at info@tripwolf.com.

Richard McColl

"Laid back and literary." Richard is a freelance journalist and owns a hostel in Colombia.

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Adena Harford

Allons! Whoever you are come travel with me!...the earth never tires...

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Cynthia Polutanovic

"wandering buddha style, no frills, but lots of magic"

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Colin Mulligan

Loves to travel independently and "the best way to do that is on a motorbike!"

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Nicholas Gill

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David is the author of Moon Handbooks South Pacific, Moon Fiji, and Moon Tahiti, published by Avalon Travel Publishing of Berkeley, California.

David also has his own website entirely dedicated to the South Pacific with detailed travel guides to Tokelau, Wallis and Futuna, Pitcairn, Niue, American Samoa.

David Stanley

David is a pioneer of travel writing and has traveled to more than 200 countries, and is already planning on trips to the remaining few ones left.

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Cristina Fransisco

Cristina has been backpacking through Asia and blogging for tripwolf! Check out her journal.

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Michaela Lenger

Michaela has her own blog covering the Philippines and is the author for tripwolf's Philippines app, available for Android and iPhones!

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Anja Tachler

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Ben Nadler

Ben is currently traveling across the beautiful United States of America.

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Andreas Gruenewald

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Tripguru for Chandigarh, India

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Christian Lehner

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Hope Weiner

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Eva Holland

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Emily S Zdyrko

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Elizabeth Lee

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Jennifer Frota

She prefers to travel "on land by car, truck, bus, bike, donkey, on foot; on the sea by jangada, Monterey Clipper..."

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Sebastian Hofer

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Michael Huber

I'm a journalist based in Vienna, Austria, and I love to travel.

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Emil Rennert

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Sean Rorison

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Matt Kemp

New Zealand expert.

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Anna Brones

Home base Oregon. Anna is a tripguru for Strasbourg and Goteburg.

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Philipp Haydn

In former life a journalist, now being lost in a maelstrom called tripwolf.

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Tim Patterson

Tim is our Japanese expert.

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Terence Neilan

Being a lifetime journalist, Terence has worked in London, Paris, New York and Hong Kong. One of the best things he ever did: taking a nine-month sabbatical from his New York job, intending to go to Greece and write the "Great Anglo-American" novel (he's a Brit). Once there, however, he realized the whole world was at his disposal, which led from Greece to the Middle East, to Nepal, India,Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, ending in Bali. Do it again? You betcha!!

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Miles Klee

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Jessica McCurdy Crooks

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Chris Chagaris

"Light and Easy. Love museums, shops and cool restaurants!"

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Annalisa Volse

Backpacking in Europe, living in Australia and currently discovering Brazil. Loves to meet people and try local food.

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Robert Reid

An independent traveler, Robert has written numerous guide books for Lonely Planet, and started his own website where you can follow his trails on his blog or get his Vietnam tips first hand.

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