Crazy New Year's Eve Ideas

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New Year’s Eve is a time of hope and change and resolutions, and for most, an awesome party! There is the time-honored tradition of watching the ball drop in Times Square and cruises and six-course meals at five star restaurants.

But this year, here at tripwolf, we wanted to let you in on a few crazier ways to celebrate!

Cold dip in the sea

Or shock your system by diving into the ocean! Join more than a thousand people on English Bay Beach in Vancouver, B.C. as they charge into 44 degree F water for the annual Polar Bear Swim.

If Vancouver is too far to travel for an icy dive, Google “polar bear swim (or dive)” as people all around seem to like this hangover cure ☺

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Jump from the sky

If thrills are more your style, how about jumping into the new year at Skydive City in Zephyrhills, FL?! Skydive City offers a midnight skydive -- while floating down, you can see most of central FL, offering you a view of multiple firework displays!!

Every year, 700 to 800 people from around the world show up for the festivities.

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Expand body and mind

If parties aren’t your style, why don’t you try Midnight Yoga?! At Bikram Yoga Les on New York City’s lower east side, you can sweat and stretch your way into the New Year. Perhaps serenity is the best foot to put forward in a new year?!

If you aren’t near NY, just Google “New Year’s Eve yoga” and you will find a bunch of places across the country that offer midnight classes!

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Sled into 2009

Why not sled your way into the new year?! You might be thinking, “sledding? That is nothing new or crazy” but hang in there… This is no ordinary sledding… it’s in Atlanta, Georgia where the average temperature is in the 40s.

Snow Mountain has three football fields of snow that includes 11 tubing lanes.

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We all know about the Times Square Ball Drop, but did you know that towns all across the States celebrate by dropping their own unique items?!

In Port Clinton, Ohio, they drop a 20-foot, 600-pound walleye. In Brasstown, NC they drop a possum and crown a Miss Possum. And in Pennsylvania, it seems like every town has its own way to celebrate!! Here are just a few: in Harrisburg they drop a strawberry. In Lancaster it’s a red rose and in York a white rose. In Lebanon they drop a bologna and in Carlisle, an Indy car.

And last, but certainly not least, a 9-foot tall lollypop is dropped in Hummelstown.

We hope you have an awesome New Year’s Eve and let us know how YOU plan on spending the holiday!!


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  • Here in Sourthern California, Venice Beach in particular has the annual Venice Penguin Swim at noon on New Years Day. Join hundreds of harty (or crazy -- you decide) swimmers in the "Chilly" wintertime swim; sign in on the beach, north of Venice Blvd. and just south of Windward Ave.
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  • I'm planning on being at the Clay's Corner possum drop in Brasstown, NC this year. No kidding.
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