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Manila Blogs

  • The Best Dining outside of Manila

    What Anthony Bourdain said about crossing the road in Manila can also be said about lunch at Claude Tayag’s Bale Dutung: It takes momentum and commitment.My brother Che and I were in Angeles, Pampanga to sample Claude’s much touted lunch.The meal is […] read more

  • 4×4 Sand Dunes in the Philippines

    I was in Laoag City in Ilocos Norte, 300 miles north of Manila, reveling in the province’s old churches and well-preserved Castillan homes, when I received a most unexpected invitation from Pam Aragoza, owner of La Preciosa restaurant. Pam asked if I wanted to […] read more

  • 48 Hours in Madrid: Thank You, tripwolf

    Last week, while en route from New York to Rome, I found myself with a layover in vibrant, cosmopolitan Madrid. But this was no ordinary layover, friends - no; in general, my layovers are of the "lots of time in places I have no interest in" or "awesome places […] read more

  • Beer Below Zero – now that’s a Cold Brewski

    [caption id="attachment_5401" align="alignnone" width="392" caption="Local brew San Mig Light getting the cold treatment"][/caption]If you ask Manilenos how they want their beer, they will give you a single resounding answer: below zero. They’d be referring […] read more



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