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Madrid Blogs

  • The Art of the “City Break”

    City breaks are a great way to take cheap vacations and see lots of places easily. Here are my tips for how to become a city break queen (or king)! […] read more

  • How to Take Photos of Yourself When You’re Traveling Alone

    Picture it: Lake Amatitlán in Guatemala, 2006. Me, on the pier, posing for what has since become one of my favorite pictures of myself. Somehow, everything just seems to work: the landscape, the ghostly effect, the fact that you can hardly see my face. A […] read more

  • 48 Hours in Madrid: Thank You, tripwolf

    Last week, while en route from New York to Rome, I found myself with a layover in vibrant, cosmopolitan Madrid. But this was no ordinary layover, friends - no; in general, my layovers are of the "lots of time in places I have no interest in" or "awesome places […] read more

  • Volunteer and Teach While Traveling

    I look out the window of the bus. We’re passing through small villages in the Soria providence of Northern Spain. As the bus winds up the mountain range I notice that I’ve lost my cell phone signal. Panic rises in my throat: a week with no cell phone, what […] read more

  • Spain by Train? Anytime, Anywhere.

    My train from Madrid to Seville leaves at 5:00 pm. However, I do not get to Madrid’s Atochè station until 5:15. Panic surges inside me; what am I going to do? The cost of a train ticket is €147. This unexpected cost is definitely not in the budget. […] read more



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