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  • Travel in your Senses

    Have you ever caught the scent of wet cigarette butts after rain in the city, and been taken back to a wonderful place? Anyone who has traveled probably has a similar attachment to odd olfactory experiences.Our sense of smell is one of the strongest and […] read more

  • The tripwolf PHOTO OF THE YEAR 2010

    Last month we've asked you to take part in our travel photo of the year 2010 photo competition. We were looking for a travel photo that would capture the "travel spirit" the best.A few days ago the jury got together at the tripwolf office in Vienna and […] read more

  • Looking for a New Year’s Resolution?

    What travel dreams will you make real this year?I asked some of my many travel-loving friends where they would like to go in 2011, and received some interesting answers...from traditional to bizarre to "Take me!"See where they'll be heading, and please […] read more

  • Christmas in Calcutta, among other things…

    If you have ever been to India you know that its diversity brings so much color, culture, art, and well, days off for everyone with so many holidays! Christmas is no exception - Calcutta is still one of the most religious centers of India, and though there is […] read more

  • Fearless, Female, Frequent Flier: An Interview with Wanderlust and Lipstick’s Beth Whitman

    [caption id="attachment_4686" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Photo from Wanderlust and Lipstick"][/caption]Intrepid, enterprising, and constantly wandering the globe since her first trip abroad over 20 years ago, Seattle resident Beth Whitman […] read more

  • tripwolf’s Top 10 Places to Dive

    Diving - there's nothing else like it. Exploring an underwater world gives us a new perspective no matter where we are, and for some, it's an addiction they'll never give up! Here is our list of the top ten spots around the world to dive (in no particular […] read more

  • More travel info than ever before…

    Even more awesome Footprint content is online now...why are we, yet again, so excited? Well, we've been working on this project for almost a year to bring you easily accessible professional travel info! And we're almost finished!What can you find and where […] read more

  • Top 10 Beaches You’ve been Waiting all Winter for

    Photo by LeaRadhanagar Beach (Beach #7), Havelock Island, Andaman Islands, IndiaIn my opinion, the most gorgeous beach in India. A wild bus ride brings you to Havelock's northern coast, and heart-melting sunsets. There is a small snack bar, and a man […] read more

  • Where to Eat: Michele’s French Bakery, Ulaan Baatar

    No visit to Mongolia is complete without at least a few days on an off-roading adventure (since there are about four roads in the entire country, going anywhere inevitably entails a bit of off-roading). In fact, many people choose to travel deep into […] read more

  • Where to Eat: Barcomi’s, Berlin

    By the time I got to Berlin, I hadn't had a good cup of coffee, much less a muffin or a bagel, in about six months. I had been in Asia frequenting street stalls, roadside eateries, and yurts, and though I loved all the regional cuisine I was discovering, I […] read more

  • The Additional Merits of Holiday Drinking

    I was feeling kind of under the weather this weekend, and with 8 inches of snow on the way, I settled onto the couch with a hot toddy and my husband, and prepared to hibernate for the evening. But after only a couple of hours, not only had we made a good dent […] read more

  • Get to know your tripwolf bloggers – Adena

    [caption id="attachment_2225" align="alignnone" width="500" caption=""Allons! Whoever you are come travel with me!...the earth never tires..." -- WW"][/caption]Adena has been working with tripwolf since their humble beginnings in New York City - […] read more

  • Get to know your tripwolf bloggers – Cristina (maglayas)

    [caption id="attachment_2118" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="On the way to the San Blas Islands, Panama"][/caption]We've got some strong personalities here at tripwolf, but we all have one thing in common - our love and desire to explore the world! […] read more

  • A Week In Srinagar

    The Volatile StateFor two decades, life in Kashmir - the disputed region in India’s north - has been stymied by an on-going separatist movement as well as government concerns over the infiltration of Pakistani militants. As a result, the Indian Army has […] read more

  • Kathputli Colony [And Other Ways to Get off Delhi’s Beaten Track]

    The entrance to Kathputli Colony, in Delhi’s West, is easy to miss. The narrow, dirt track which leads into the colony, turns off a busy road, packed with rickshaws honking noisily and speeding rickety buses.On most days, a trickle of drummers and performers […] read more

  • The Best Places to be during a Full Moon

    OoOoOoo...spooky season is upon us. The next full moon will be on the night of November 2nd (meaning Halloween will be very bright as well!) There's something about traveling that gets me outside, yearning to soak up every bit of the experience, and that […] read more



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