Dive Sites (Sipalay)

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Dive Sites (Sipalay)
Dive Sites (Sipalay)
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Dive Sites (Sipalay)

Diving is probably the main attraction of Sipalay. There are plenty of very good dive sites; macro lovers will have a great time there but you can also see turtles, if you are lucky sharks and sometimes also napoleon fish. During the last years a couple of whale sharks have been sighted as well.
Try to get on a trip to Turtle Island where you can have a great dive at the “Mad Max Pier” where you can see frog fish, plenty of lion fish, nudibranches, moray eels, scorpion fish and many more.
The “Juliens Wreck” at Turtle Island is also amazing! With a depth of only 6-7m it’s pretty shallow and it is also worth snorkeling there. It’s actually part of a wreck scattered in a bigger area with great corals and plenty of fish. If you don’t want to go on a day trip just try out one of the many dive sites right off the shore of White Beach. A very popular dive site here is “Ma-asin Island” which is about 15 minutes from the beach. You will find an amazing colorful coral garden and at some points (where there is current) plenty of fish. This dive site starts at about 5m down to 25m but you do not even need to go that deep as the corals in the shallower part (at around 15m) are probably the main attraction of this dive site.
“Sunken Island”, a dive site about 20 minutes by boat (from White Beach) is another very good dive site. Most times you’ll find some current there which also brings in plenty of fish. Wreck lovers will also be satisfied in Sipalay. Next to the shallow “Juliens Wreck” there are 2 other wrecks in Campomanes bay about 15 minutes boat ride from White Beach. At the “MS JOJO”, a cargo ship from the 80’s, you can find plenty of lion fish as well as, if you are lucky, a giant perch. The wreck starts at 20m, going down to 33 meters maximum depth. If you can dive with NITROX this would be a perfect dive site for it.
The second wreck at Campomanes bay is the “SS PANAY” which is a more challenging wreck from WW II where Japanese torpedos hit it in March 1942. The wreck starts at 33m going down to about 42m. It’s pretty exciting to dive inside this wreck where you can also see a gas mask in the stock room.

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