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Colonnaded Street

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Colonnaded Street

Here you find yourself in the - fairly badly damaged - heart of the city. The Romans paved the main street in the 2nd century, lined on either side with businesses. Coming from the theater you see to your right the beginning of Colonnaded Street the remains of the nymphaeum. On a small hill to the right of the Cardo Maximus, a Byzantine church and the temple of the winged lion were unearthed. The little side trip is worth it because the church from the 6th century has beautiful floor mosaics. On the pillars of the temple once stood winged lions. Inside, the Nabataean fertility goddess Atargatis is depicted riding on a dolphin.

Colonnaded Street travel guide by Marco Polo 2011 country guide

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  • The Nymphaeum is worth seeing, right at the start of Colonnade Street. It is about the ruins of a monumental well.
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  • Sehenswert ist das Nymph√§um, gleich am Beginn der Kolonnadenstra√üe. Es handelt sich um die Reste eines monumentalen Brunnens.
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