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Jordan Archaeological Museum

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Jordan Archaeological Museum

The Ain Ghazal statues will enchant you with their lively faces

This small museum at the entrance of the Citadel is definitely worth a visit. Exhibits from 10,000 years of history can be seen here. Right at the entrance in a glass case are a few statues of Ain Ghazzal on display, examples of the world's oldest sculptures in the human form, dating from the 8th millennium B.C. The statues were found by chance during the construction of a highway outside of Amman; their faces seem remarkably true to life. Also on view are scrolls from the Qumran caves on the western side of the Dead Sea. Discovered in 1952 and originating from the Jewish sect of the Essenes, they are considered the oldest biblical manuscripts. Several sarcophagi bear witness to the burial practices in the region surrounding Amman between the 13th and the 7th centuries B.C., a National Museum, where the valuable exhibits will be situated to better advantage, is under construction.

Al-Qalaa, at the entrance to the citadel.

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  • The Archeological Museum is on the Citadel Hill.
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  • Das Archäologische Museum liegt auf dem Zitadellenhügel.
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