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Complexe artisanal d’Oulja

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Complexe artisanal d’Oulja

The artisans of Salé are as talented as their neighbours in Rabat and quality goods are available in the médina. Look at the pottery (some is very distinctive), tooled leatherware, ironware, carpets (although perhaps not the best place to buy these), fine embroidery, drapery and, for the beach, rush matting. Easily accessible by petit taxi from Salé (say 10dh) is the Complexe artisanal d’Oulja There is a central exhibition space with café and small restaurant. A series of craft potters, basket makers and blacksmiths are based in purpose-built workshops with adjoining exhibition space. Although many of the items on sale (apart from the pottery) are a little bulky and heavy to take home by plane, the Oulja centre does give a good idea of the range of products available. The high quality basket work is particularly good value. The zellige work table tops are also very reasonable in price – but extremely heavy. To get back to Rabat from Oulja, there are buses running from the nearby crossroads.

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