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by kamalchaoui

  • where:City in Fez el-Bali
  • population:12997
  • area:Agricultural Area
  • time zone:+0 greenwisch time
  • languages:Moroccan, Arabic, French
  • Calling code:+212 5 35 69 ........
  • other names:Guesthouse Dar Kamal Chaoui 24km close to Fez
  • Native Name:البهاليل
  • nearby:

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  • Sara had been our Guest for one night only, she is a an absolute genuine humble young Lady, she likes traveling & meeting all sort of people and cultures, Read how we lived together the perfect needed match, I admired her curiosity and high interest in our Language, culture, & Religion.... Do you want to understand and feel what I'm talking about? Read her testimonial: “Beautiful Bhalil guesthouse! Hospitable Kamal! Absolute highlight of my time in Morocco! A must see!” 313th review, published on TripAdvisor the 27March16 I cannot rave highly enough about my experience at Dar Kamal Chaoui! If it were possible to give a higher-than five star rating, this beautiful guest house and its owner, Kamal Chaoui, would be most deserving. I would recommend that anyone stepping foot in the country of Morocco and seeking an off-the-beaten path experience to interact with real Moroccans in a real, thriving Moroccan village, stay with Kamal and take his tour of Bhalil. I felt personally and intellectually rewarded by the experience in a way that I haven't felt in a LONG time! Every moment of my 1-night excursion to Bhalil went smoothly. I was picked up personally by Kamal from my riad in Fes; Kamal's car was broken at the time, but he happily came to pick me up in a taxi (and was great about communicating updates and changes to me). On our 45-minute (24km south) ride to Bhalil, Kamal acted as a highly informed tour guide, who spoke knowledgeably about the area and its people, informed by his own experience living in the village. Upon arriving in Bhalil, we proceeded to the guesthouse, which is cozy, full of character, and WARM (unusual for Moroccan riads), thanks to an innovative heating system that Kamal designed. Kamal is a perfect host for those with many questions, like I had, and those who want an interdisciplinary perspective. An engineer by training, Kamal, has developed a truly memorable guesthouse (even for Morocco, which has so many beautiful riads and guesthouses). He knows almost every single person in this small village. We were able to engage in great conversation about everything from economic sustainability in the village, historical preservation, and religious history. What I found most moving, and really defined my visit, is that Kamal is personally invested in the lives and livelihoods of each and every villager; he creates construction and tourism jobs, and gives them the opportunity to interact with visitors in a meaningful way. I've been on past "village tours" in other developing countries that felt possibly exploitative, but I did not feel that for a moment with Kamal's Bhalil village tour. The tour concluded by sharing tea with a local family, whose home is located in a cave, one of Bhalil's claims to fame. We had dinner at the guesthouse, prepared by Naima, the cook (and so much more!). She went out of the way to prepare food that met my dietary restrictions. This meal was one of the freshest, best, and healthiest I had in Morocco. I slept like a baby in the quiet warmth of my room. The next morning, Naima prepared an equally beautiful and delicious breakfast. When it was, sadly, time for me to leave, my taxi back to Fes was waiting for at the scheduled time. I can't convince you strongly enough to come to Bhalil for an authentic experience, away from chaos of Fes and other tourist destinations!
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  • Visiting Bhalil can be a very rewarding experience, and travelers who enjoy exploring destinations that are off-the-beaten-path should not miss out on Bhalil. see our website Our Guesthouse in Bhalil 24 km close to Fez is ready to host you, to help you discovering Bhalil and the region, we are 950 m high above the sea level, we are in the beginning of the Mid Atlas mountains, and we have so many nice location to make you discover and so many time to share with you in our authentic village. read you soon !
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  • Bhalil Article source : 27/04/2011 By Editor Most visitors to Morocco are unaware that Bhalil even exists and yet it is a very special place to visit. No one knows this better than Kamal Chaoui and his wife Beatrice who own and operate Dar Kamal Chaoui, ( Kamal and Beatrice have made themselves quite at home in Bhalil, where they are close to the local people and situated amidst the breathtaking surrounding nature. Bhalil is the beginning of the Middle Atlas mountains and many of the locals are Berber. Donkeys are the preferred mode of transportation in this tranquil town where many natural wonders await you. With a rich history and extraordinary natural features, Bhalil is located at the foot of the Jebel Kandar, and this magnificent peak offers visitors spectacular views of the town and the landscapes that embrace it. Lush, green valleys, a sparkling river and fertile land create awe inspiring views from this hilltop, while the streets of Bhalil are lined with artisans who produce traditional and exquisite crafts to admire and purchase. The entire town has an extremely laid-back atmosphere to it. Residents are easily recognized by their clothing. The younger women of Bhalil wear a Djebella, while older women wear ihafs or tarfs on their heads that cover their entire bodies. The men also display head wear referred to as Razzas. One feature of Bhalil that stands out from other cities is the fact that there are still a few cave-houses that are in use. Guides will be able to take visitors on tours of these homes, which only differ from normal houses by their location. Cave homes are also divided into rooms, with the bedrooms generally being located on the second floor; but unlike conventional homes, cave houses are able to keep the scorching summer heat out, as well as the icy winter chill. Home owners take much pride in their cave homes by comfortably furnishing the interior. However, visitors will have to look closely to not to pass a cave home by, as they can be hidden from the outside. Visiting Bhalil can be a very rewarding experience, and travelers who enjoy exploring destinations that are off-the-beaten-path should not miss out on Bhalil. Olives are one of Morocco’s many riches and in Bhali the ritual of the olive harvest has remained pretty much unchanged for centuries. Villagers, armed with long sticks to tap the olives out of the trees and donkeys to carry the load, set off before sunrise and work until sunset. For a delightful look at the process of producing olive oil in Bhalil, check out the following video. Tags: Atlas, atlas mountain, bhalil, Fes, morocco artists, sefrou, Guesthouse, Kamal Chaoui, Kamalchaoui, nature, trek, excursion, authentic berbere village, rooms to rent in bhalil, Hotel in bhalil, pension, restaurant in bhalil, 5 Responses to “ Bhalil ” Kamal chaoui on 19/06/2011 at 10:18 Thank you for you article about Bhalil, Bhalil is a real Authentic Moroccan village & place. I’m ready to help everybody discovering this place ! a deep immersion in an authentic moroccan village is garanti Kamal Chaoui on 16/07/2011 at 14:52 I’d like to add a text in french in order to help french speakers to learn a lot about Bhalil and about our Gueshouse in Bhalil, 24 km close to Fez in Morocco. Notre maison d’hôtes : est située dans un village authentique appelé Bhalil, à 24 km de Fès au Maroc. Notre choix pour ce village à été motivé par l’aspect pittoresque de ce village, le but est de permettre à nos invités de séjourner dans un Maroc loin de la modernité, loin de la circulation & de la pollution. Nous leur permettons d’établir le contact avec des locaux très surpris par la présence de touristes, ces berbères sont fiers de présenter leur savoir faire, ils ont aussi plaisir à nous inviter chez eux et ainsi découvrir qui vous êtes, c'est le village de l'hospitalité, les habitants de ce village, sont pour la plupart des agriculteurs, le village vit donc au rythme des récoltes, celle de l’olive est la plus spectaculaire : Nous avons tenu à rénover notre maison en toute simplicité sans jamais renier sur le confort, équation difficile à résoudre, avons nous réussi ? Regardez cette vidéo est dites nous ce que vous pensez de notre décoration : L’emplacement de notre maison d’hôtes Dar Kamal Chaoui est idéal pour les excursions, la route des lacs, la forêt de cèdre, les cascades de Séfrou et les treks en montagnes sont autant d’excursions que Kamal et Béatrice affectionnent et organisent pour l’émerveillement de leurs invités. Ceux et celles qui y ont goutés ont laissé leurs commentaires sur TripAdvisor : Notre culture du service apprise en Europe durant au moins 30 ans (Nous sommes les seuls gérants de notre maison d’hôtes Dar Kamal Chaoui) Nos connaissances des langues : Français Anglais Allemand Arabe, Notre patience, notre flexibilité, notre aspect humain et proche de l’autre, La passion pour l’histoire, le besoin de décoder pour vous les uses et coutumes du Maroc, La gastronomie et l’art de vous recevoir dans la bonne hygiène grâce à Béatrice, Sont autant d’atouts pour vous afin de garantir une expérience humaine unique pour un séjour inoubliable chez Béatrice & Kamal au Dar Kamal Chaoui
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