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Mumbai (Bombay) travel guide

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Mumbai (Bombay)
Mumbai (Bombay)
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created by tripwolf last month

We know that it’s not always possible to see everything that might be worth seeing when you are traveling. This is why the tripwolf team ...

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YouTube Mumbai (Bombay) videos

  • Bombay ( Mumbai ) -- India Travel [01:52]

  • Difinitive Cab Ride, Mumbai India [05:01]

  • View from an Autorickshaw in Mumbai, India [02:04]

Top 10 Things to do in Mumbai (Bombay)

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  • Gateway of India and Colaba

    15 votes


    Built in the early 1900's by the British, but crafted after the 16th century Musli architecture, ...

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Latest Mumbai (Bombay) reviews (8)

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  • ❤️❤️
    a couple of months ago report abuse
  • most amazing busiest city in the world. you will fall in love the city.
    more than a year ago report abuse
  • Es una ciudad caótica, pero con un encanto especial, los trenes son una locura, pero una experiencia para vivir al menos un día en la vida.
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • Le 14avril go to monbai
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • Mumbai, Rajahstan , Delhi e tanti città meravigliose da scoprire con itinerari utili su viaggioinindia.net e altri siti sul paese.
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • maximum city! so many people in one place. definitely worth a visit.
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • Wow. This is one of those places you must visit once (but only once). Its seething with the vibrant essence of life... in all its glory and shame. If you are up for adventure, don't mind relentless traffic hassles and odd-uneven service - then this is your town. If you like things run efficiently and cleanly (a la Berlin & Tokyo), then STAY AWAY. Or at least pack an extra suitcase of patience and chill-pills.
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • Pricier than other Indian cities - your dollar won't go as far.
    a couple of years ago report abuse



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