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  • People asked me about the address of the palm library in Bangalore, where I went. I have kept the paper he gave me all those years ago. That's what it says: Gunjur Sachidananda Murthy, Sri Shuka Nadi Interpreter, " Nadi Gruha", No 33, 5th Main road, Chamarajpet, Bangalore - 560 018 Phone: 91-812-601971. Don't forget, it has been 24 years ago now, the phone number might have changed.
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  • 21 years ago I went to the Bangalore Palm Leaf Library. He goes into the cellar and gets your Life palm reading. He tells you how they were written and that he has no abilities. He is only there to translate what his ancestors wrote down. He didn't ask for money. You give him what you want. He reads about your past life till this present. If you tell him it's accurate he will continue reading the future of the rest of the current life. He will read about past lives which are connected to this one. Talents you brought with you from which life, but also may be a big Karma you have to solve in this life. He reads about your health, family, repeated inner thoughts you have you thought just you would know, relationships. He even asked me if I want to know long I will live. You can say no of course. But I am not scared of death. So he told me my years up to the exact day of death. Most of the things he told about my future have happened as written down. The rest is still to come. 21 years ago I had to write everything down what he was reading to me. You might want to take a tape recorder. Otherwise write everything down. It's so easy to forget all the little things!
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