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Casa del Tesoro

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Casa del Tesoro

The Cathedral, a national monument, was begun in 1583. San Clemente church has a wooden cross in the plaza in front, which is said to mark the site of the first mass said in Venezuela; it is believed to be the country’s oldest such monument (Mass Mon-Sat 1930) . It is undergoing reconstruction (2009). There are several interesting colonial houses, such as Los Arcaya (Zamora y Federación, also under reconstruction) one of the best examples of 18th-century architecture, with the Museo de Cerámica, small but interesting, with a beautiful garden. Los Senior (Talavera y Hernández) where Bolívar stayed in 1827, has the oldest synagogue in Venezuela (1853), if not South America. It houses a branch of the Museo de Arte Alberto Henríquez of the Universidad Francisco de Miranda (UNEFM) (open sporadically, usually only in the morning, less often in the rainy season) . Another branch of the museum is on Paseo Talavera entre Bolívar y Comercio. Also on Paseo Talavera is the Museo de Arte de Coro (T251 5265, http://www.fmn.gob.ve/ fmn_coro.htm, free, Mon-Sat 0900-1900, Sun 0900-1700) exhibiting some interesting modern artwork. Built 1764-1765, Las Ventanas de Hierro (Zamora y Colón, Tue-Sat 0900-1200, 1500-1800, Sun 0900-1300, US$0.20) is now the Museo de Tradición Familiar. Just beyond is the Casa del Tesoro (C Zamora, T252 8701, free) an art gallery showing local artists’ work. There are other handicraft galleries in the centre, such as Centro Artesanal Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda near Plaza San Clemente. The Jewish cemetery (C 23 de Enero esq C Zamora, visit by prior arrangement only, enquire at the Museo de Coro) is the oldest on the continent. It was founded by Jews who arrived from Curaçao in the early 19th century.

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