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Parque Los Chorros

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Parque Los Chorros

The densely wooded Parque Caricuao (Tue-Sun 0900-1630: take metro to Caricuao Zoológico, then 5 min walk up Av Principal La Hacienda) is at the southwest end of the Metro line, and forms part of the Parque Nacional Macuro. A pleasant day out. At the foot of the Avila mountain, the Parque Los Chorros (Tue-Fri 0830-1630, Sat-Sun 0830-1800, take bus from Los Dos Caminos station to Lomas de Los Chorros) has impressive waterfalls and forest walks. El Calvario, west of El Silencio, with the Arch of Confederation at the entrance, has a good view of Centro Simón Bolívar, but muggings have been reported. It has a small Museo Ornitológico, botanical gardens and a picturesque chapel.

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