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Tres Cruces bus terminal

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Tres Cruces bus terminal

Tourist information for the whole country is at the Tres Cruces bus terminal (T409 7399, daily 1000-2200) ; at the Ministry of Tourism (Rambla 25 de Agosto y Yacaré (next to the port), T1885 ext 100) and at Carrasco international airport (T604 0386) ; which has good maps. For information on Montevideo, inside Palacio Municipal 18 de Julio y Ejido, T1950, 1830 or 1831, daily 1000-1800, all helpful. Check at the municipal website for weekend tours, www.monte video.gub.uy. For the Tourist Police i Colonia 1021 (north side of Plaza Fabini), T901 9102 or 908 3303. Guía del Ocio is recommended; it’s sold at news-stands on Fridays (US$0.25) and has information on museums, cultural events and entertainment. See also http://www.pimba.com.uy, http://www.montevideo.com.uy, http://www.cartelera.com.uy, http://www.aromperlanoche.com, www.banda joven.com and http://www.eltimon.com.

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