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This route reaches a point about 100 m below the summit, which obscures all- round views. However, the climb only takes three to four hours; aim to set off by 0330. From Selat, take the road to Pura Pasar Agung, then climb through forest before reaching the bare mountain. Guides can be arranged in Muncan, Tirtagangga or Selat. A recommended guide is I Ketut Uriada (T0812 364 6426) a teacher who lives in Muncan; he can be contacted at his shop in that village. Costs start at about US$44, which includes temple contributions and registering with the local police. In Selat ask the police about guides, they should be able to advise. In Tirtagangga ask at your accommodation; rates here tend to be higher, US$45 per person, which should include transport. There is accommodation in Selat, or your guide may arrange cheaper lodgings at his home. Perama (T0361 751875 in Kuta, T0361 973316 in Ubud) offer a one-night two-day trek up Gunung Agung including visits to Kamasan, Kertagosa and Sideman, where the climb begins at 0100. The four-hour trek arrives in time for sunrise on the summit. Transfers to and from Kuta, Ubud and Sanur are included in the price (US$100 per person – minimum two people).

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