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Gunung Sinabung

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Gunung Sinabung

Sinabung, which rises to 2454 m to the west of Berastagi, is another popular climb. There are now three routes up the volcano. The longest established is well marked, the other two are less obvious, but even so it is probably unwise to undertake it without a guide – heavy rain and mist can make it very dangerous. Seven people disappeared here in 1996/1997, when mist made it impossible for them to find the path. Maps are available from the Sibayak guesthouses.

To climb the mountain without a guide, catch a bus to Danau Lau Kawar (one hour, 6000Rp). The path from the village passes a restaurant; fork left just after the restaurant (do not continue along the main path). This path then passes a house and on the left you will see a small hut; you need to turn left again onto another path that passes the hut. The route then works its way through the forest for one hour and is relatively well marked with arrows and string. As the path leaves the forest it becomes very steep and enters ...

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