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Fidel Castro Street

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Fidel Castro Street

Back at Zoo Park, the road that crosses Independence Avenue to the south of the park is Fidel Castro Street. One block to the west and on the left of Fidel Castro is the Windhoek Conservatoire, built in 1911-1912, which was formerly the Regierungsschule (Government School) and today is the home of the College of Arts, and has an impressive ornamental weather vane perched on top of its pyramidal tower.

Heading east, at the top of the steep hill, on the corner of Lüderitz Street, is the Hauptkasse, the former home of the German colonial government’s finance section. The building now serves the Ministry of Agriculture. Directly opposite is Ludwig Van Estorff House, named after the former Schutztruppe commander who lived here from 1902 to 1910. Over the century it has housed senior officers, a hostel and a trade school and the National Reference Library (usually referred to as the Van Estorff library). It is now the Namibian German Foundation Goethe Centre in affiliation with the British Council: a centre of cultural exchange with multimedia facilities open to the public. On the far side of the library stands the Supreme Court Building, opened in October 1997, which looks down over the parking area and over to the Kalahari Sands Hotel.

South of Fidel Castro Street, the statue of Curt von François stands outside the Windhoek Municipality on Independence Avenue, and was unveiled in 1965 on the 75th anniversary of the ‘founding’ of the city.

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