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Way down along the Zambezi river!

Those of us accustomed to the urban jungle might find it worthwhile to learn from the pros in the Zambian wilderness. There is a multitude of tour operators offering safaris throughout the Luangwa and Zambezi valleys, where one is able to rub shoulders (or the next best thing) with many animals, including hippopotamuses, elephants, and lions. If lions aren't exactly your game, the country is also host to numerous species of birds. More the Aquaman type? The Zambezi River offers plenty of opportunities for fishing or to reconnect with your inner adventurer by hanging ten on a river board, bungee jumping, or some old-school river-rafting, all set against the backdrop of the breathtaking and world-famous Victoria Falls, situated between Zambia and Zimbabwe. A trip to some of the markets in Lusaka is well worth the time for those looking for souvenirs or who simply want to get to know some of the local folks, while the holistically inspired Le Soleil restaurant located just outside the city offers plenty of healthy food with a side order of local healing.

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