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Numismatic Museum

The southern route, which is more heavily populated and completely paved with cement cobblestones, is the quickest route to Altagracia, Playa Santo Domingo and the Maderas side of Ometepe. The road passes the town of Esquipulas, where it is rumoured that the great Chief Niqueragua may have been buried, and the village of Los Angeles, which has some of the oldest known evidence of ancient settlers on the island, dated at 1500 BC. Between Los Angeles and the next settlement, San José del Sur, a turning leads to the Numismatic Museum (0800-1730) which has a collection of bills and coins, some very old. At the fairly developed San José del Sur, evacuated in 1998 under threat of massive mudslides from Concepción, the road rises to spectacular views of Volcán Maderas across the lake.

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