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South America's Lost World

No matter your feelings on Venezuela's egomaniacal leader Hugo Chavez, it's hard to ignore the rich geography and extreme biodiversity found within this mostly unexplored nation. Paradisiacal and filled with palm trees, the Caribbean beaches are a short drive from the high Andean peaks and the piranha-filled Amazonian waters. The country's chaotic capital is Caracas, home to fashion models, skyscrapers, fine museums, and restaurants. If you are looking for crowds, don't bother with Venezuela's empty white sand beaches at Macuto, Isla de Margarita, or the Los Roques archipelago. Make your base in Mérida for views of the 13,000-foot-high (5,000 meter plus) Andean peaks and indigenous villages. Tabletop mountains, lush tropical jungle, and isolated tribes lurk around every corner of the La Gran Sabana in the south. Considering that the landscape of Canaima National Park is what Arthur Conan Doyle based his Lost World on, it is no wonder that the adventure and mystery are finally filling up eco-lodges. Most will combine trips here with Angel Falls, the highest waterfall on the planet. A blossoming eco-tourism destination, the Orinoco Delta to the east combines mangrove forests, canals, and rare flora and fauna, much of which is endemic to the region.

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  • Parque Nacional Canaima

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    National park
    in Venezuela

    Canaima National Park is a collection of sprawling rivers, jungles and Guianan savannas and the c...

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  • Los invito al Museo del Equilibrio en Mérida. I invite to Museo del Equilibrio in Mérida it a wonderfull place in the mountain, nature and peace for all the inn
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  • exvelente app, solo que no tiene la opcion de cambiar el idioma al castellano.
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • Maracaibo
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • Un verdadero paraíso
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  • Hola,Somos posaderos en Santa Fe, Parque Nacional de Mochima. Estaremos muy felices de ayudarlos en cualquier cosa. Pueden contactatrnos al correo, en facebook o por el medio de tripwolf!Saludos
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  • Ciudad Guayana una bella ciudad
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  • Una visita al Hato Piñero a 5 horas de Caracas por carretera lo llevará a una hacienda ganadera, reserva de gran cantidad de animales de los llanos como caimanes, chiguires, aves, cunaguaros, etc
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