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Museo Hermanas Mirabal

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Museo Hermanas Mirabal

At Conuco, 5 km east of Salcedo, just before Tenares on the main road towards San Francisco de Macorís, is the Museo Hermanas Mirabal (T8095772704, daily 0930-1700, US$0.25) . The house of the Mirabal sisters, is one of the most popular museums in the country. It was built in 1954 by their mother Doña Chea, and was the second family home. The gardens are immaculately kept, with beautiful orchids in the trees and lots of other flowers and fruit. The sisters and their husbands were active in the resistance movement in the late 1950s, but Patria, Minerva and María Teresa were ambushed and murdered in 1960 on their return from visiting their husbands in prison, and are now icons for both liberty and the rights of women. The day of their assassination, 25 November, is remembered in many Latin American countries as the International Day Against Violence Towards Women. Their murder helped to lead to the downfall of General Trujillo, who was himself assassinated in May 1961. The fourth sister, Dedé, is still alive as she did not go with them that day. The bodies of the three sisters and Minerva’s husband, Manolo, are buried in the garden, which has been declared an extension of the Pantéon Nacional, where national heroes are buried.

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