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Valle de las Animas

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Valle de las Animas

To the southeast of the Zona Sur the land rises to a ridge, which stands like a balcony right in front of Illimani and offers wonderful views. From Cota Cota in the Zona Sur, a road goes to the peripheral neighbourhoods of Chasquipampa and Ovejuyo. At the transit control (tranca or garita) in Ovejuyo the road splits: the right branch goes towards Illimani and Viloco, the left branch to Huni, Palca, Ventilla, Mururata, Illimani and beyond. Along the latter road, by the pass between Ovejuyo and Huni is the Illimani Lookout. You can walk in 30 minutes from Ovejuyo or about 45 minutes from Chasquipampa; look for the small Laguna las Animas to the right of the road (a favourite picnic area among paceños), from the hill just above the pond you will have breathtaking views of Illimani and Mururata. If you take a bus to Huni or Palca, get off at the pond. It takes 25 minutes to walk down from the lookout to Huni, a small village.

Between Ovejuyo and Huni (to the left of the road) stretc...

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  • great sight! a must go in Lp
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