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Museo de las Intervenciones

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Museo de las Intervenciones

A former Franciscan monastery now houses the National Museum of the Interventions

Situated 2 km northeast of Coyoacán’s Plaza Central is the picturesque and partly ruined 18th-century convent of Churubusco, now the Museo Nacional de las Intervenciones. The museum’s 17 rooms are filled with mementoes, documents, proclamations and pictures recounting foreign invasions, incursions and occupations since Independence. It also holds temporary exhibitions. The site of the museum was chosen because it was the scene of a battle when the US army marched into Mexico City in 1847. This was where the San Patricios, the famous Saint Patrick’s Brigade who fought as volunteers on the Mexican side, were captured by the US army. Next door is the 16th-century church of San Diego, with 17th- and 18th-century additions. Near the church, on the other side of Calzada General Anaya, is the delightful Parque de Churubusco. One block from Tlalpan along Héroes del 47, to the left, is the 18th-century church of San Mateo.

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