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Museo Celia Sánchez

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Museo Celia Sánchez

After 50 km driving through sugar cane lands you come to the small town of Media Luna, home to the Museo Celia Sánchez (Tue-Sun 0900-1700) in a green and white traditional wooden house on the main road out of town, a small but worthy testament to this influential player in the Revolution. Celia Sánchez was a key figure at the beginning of the Revolution and it was partly because of her support that the Granma landing was not a complete disaster. Contrary to expectations, Batista’s troops were waiting for the yacht and the revolutionaries had to scatter into the hills. Despite being in great danger, Sánchez, who lived locally, managed to get messages to the different groups and they were able to reunite. The town is neat with hedges of hibiscus, bougainvillea and other flowering plants. The sugar mill still operates here.

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