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Parque Nacional Ensenada de Utria

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Parque Nacional Ensenada de Utria

(Entry is US$1.50 with a US$2 embarkation/disembarkation charge.)

Between Nuquí and El Valle is Parque Nacional Natural Ensenada de Utria. This 54,000-ha Park was created in 1987 to preserve several unique aquatic and terrestrial habitats. Steep, heavily forested mountains come down to the ocean to create dramatic scenery. Day trips may be arranged from El Valle, Nuquí, or Bahía Solano and special permits are sometimes granted for longer stays by MA in Bogotá. A (free) permit must be obtained from a MA office. The ranger welcomes volunteers to help in clearing rubbish from the beaches and other tasks (also best arranged in advance from Bogotá).

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