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Located in an area of environmental preservation, it is a small village with only 10,000 inhabitants which has been known by tourists for only a short while. Jericoacara stands out for its majestic beauty and perfect conditions for Kite and Windsurfing.

Jeri, as locals call it, is one of the longest beaches in the world, surrounded by dunes and fresh-water lagoons, which attract visitors in search of peace and quiet but also offers great winds for sports activities. The contact with nature is intense as well as the sense of liberty the place seems to offer everyone because everything is so wide and ample.

Praia do Preá (Guinea Pig beach), located only 14 kilometers from Jericoacoara, was elected the official beach for Kite and Windsurfing. Other attractions you cannot miss in the region are Pedra Furada (Drilled Stone), Lagoa de Tatajuba (Tatajuba Lagoon), Praia da Malhada (Dappled Beach), a perfect spot for walks, Surfing, Sand-boarding and boogey-car rides, and ultimately, Lagoa Azul (Blue Lagoon) which is indicated for Free-diving and also offers great restaurants.

300 kilometers from Fortaleza. The transfer, done by land, takes around 4 and 1/2 hours.

The average annual temperature ranges from 29° to 35°Celsius and the water temperature stays around 27°Celsius for the most part of the year. From July to December the winds are stronger and may reach up to 40 knots from August to September. The rainy season is from February to May.

Walking, Surfing, Sand-boarding, boogey-car rides, Kite and Windsurfing

The walks are considerably easy and provide great contact with nature. For Kite and Windsurfing athletes, a minimum knowledge of the sports is necessary.

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  • Jericoacoara ist einer der schönsten Strände Brasiliens, laut Washington Post sogar einer der zehn schönsten der Welt. Jeri, wie es auch genannt wird, ist ein Natur- und Surfparadies. Einer der besten Plätze zum Verweilen ist das Hotel Villa Terra Viva. Super Aussicht aufs Meer, cooler Pool und vernünftige Preise. Infos unter:
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  • A small village with amazing beach. This place is perfect for people how looks for relaxing time during the day and parties at night. Perfect place for girls.
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