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Expresso Guanabara

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Expresso Guanabara

The city is spread out, with its main attractions in the centre and along the seashore; transport from one to the other can take a long time. The city bus system is efficient if a little rough; buses and vans cost US$1 per journey. The cheapest way to orientate yourself within the city is to take the ‘Circular 1’ (anti-clockwise) or ‘Circular 2’ (clockwise) buses which pass Avenida Beira Mar, the Aldeota district, the university (UFC) and cathedral via Meireles, Iracema, Centro Dragão do Mar and the Centre, US$1.50. Alternatively, take the new Top Bus run by Expresso Guanabara (T0800-991992, US$2.50) an air-conditioned minibus starting at Avenida Abolição.

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