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Pipa Beach

Idyllic fishing village which is great for beaches, nightlife and swimming with the dolphins

Praia da Pipa, located 80 Km from Natal (Christmas), it has being worldly known for its people, the beauty of it’s beaches with its clear and warm water and also for its bays, like Baía dos Golfinhos (Dolphins Bay) – a true natural sanctuary. All this landscape is still framed for multicolor cliffs and the preserved Mata Atlântica (Atlantic Forest).

There are several options of restaurants, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, all charming. The hosting net is also good: there are lots of Inns with panoramic view, like the SPA indicated by us.

The region is perfect for aquatic sports, like surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. For all the activities there are great conditions for beginners and for the most experienced.

The surfers like Praia do Matadeiro (Killer’s Beach), Amor (Love Beach), and Lajinha (Little Flagstone Beach) better, they count on a rocky bottom. They are also a good point for sailing on the waves. There are some really nice bars on the left corner of the beach.

For the kitesurfing there is also Praia das Minas (Mine Beach), Praia de Tibau do Sul (South Tibau’s Beach) and Barra do Cunhaú, great options for freestyle.

Barra do Cunhaú is a “must go” ride. There are five kilometers of dunes and beaches where two rivers run through, with thousands of coconut trees on the background. A huge mangrove works like a big nursery for oysters and shrimps. The cuisine is excellent. Don’t let the boat ride pass you by.

It is also worth visiting Barra de Camaratuba, located between the Potiguaras Native’s reserve and Rio Guajú (Guajú River) river mouth. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Besides the boat ride, you can visit the Kurumim’s village, with amazing handcraft.

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