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Spreading out for more than 2.5 million square kilometers (1.5 millions miles) across the East African landscape, Sudan is almost equal in size to the whole of Western Europe. Yet, much like the Nile River, whose White and Blue tributaries join up outside the capital of Khartoum, Africa’s largest nation exists in many ways as two separate entities. The arid northern section is home to the Republic of Sudan, a Muslim, Arab-dominated region of subsistence farmers and pastoral nomads, while the autonomous, predominantly Christian south is more tropical, and contains most of the country’s oil wealth. Travelers who come to Sudan will likely notice this contrast before they even arrive; planning an itinerary through the north revolves in large part around ancient Sudan, once known as Kush, which reached its height centuries before the founding of Rome. Roughly 200 kilometers outside of Khartoum, beside the winding Nile River, sits Meroe, the former southern capital of the Kushite kingdom. Here, visitors can take in hundreds of Nubian pyramids—more that the total number of pyramids found in Egypt—that are spread out among three groups. In the south, where most of Sudan’s brutal civil war was fought, conditions are harsh, and there is little available in terms of tourist facilities outside Juba. However, if the guns remain silenced, this is certain to change - animal migrations in Boma National Park will rival those of the Tanzania’s famed Serengeti.

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