La Selva Jungle Lodge

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La Selva Jungle Lodge

World famous lodge, 25 years in operation, best wildlife viewing, firstclass food and service, honeymoons, families

I have visited a number of lodges in the Amazon of Peru and Ecuador and I have found La Selva to be the best in both wildlife sitings and guide services. Their forest is incredibly rich. The bungalows are comfortable and blend in with the forest and the food is unbelievable. While I was there a couple was enjoying their honeymoon package which offered all kinds of special add-ons and there were two families with young children which the staff carefully isolated on the trails (because of the noise level children produce) so that my group was able to go quietly through the forest and see an anteater one day and a giant otter (from a dugout) another day.La Selva is by far the best experience I have found in the Amazon Rainforest.

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