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impressive wall that used to be constantinoples shield on the west side, now parts are destroyed, but some arts are still to be walked on.

Start at Yedikule (Burg der sieben Türme ) and enter the wall right after the Fortress. At the Beginning you can walk for a while on the wall, but soon you have to leave it. Prepare to climb sometimes, and sometimes even return because the wall broke down. Although it may sound a dangerous for some people, i didn't have any problems. In the midde of the wall there is a long part where you cannot walk on the wall at all. you'll come through some poor places and get to see how most of the istanbul people are living. don't be scared, they are all really friendly.
You will also get to see the roma district, that is planned to be teared down and the people living there have to move to another part. in this area a new fancy apartment district is planned. At the end of the wall you'll get near the beautiful chora chrurch and the really nice balat district (old jewish quater).

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