Arthur's Seat

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Arthur's Seat

The majestic hill overlooking the city - great for a hike

Arthur's Seat is an extinct volcano located in the middle of city, practically on top of the dormitories for the University of Edinburgh. Though most would like to believe that the hill has some association with King Arthur, it most likely got its name from its days as a hillfort during the Iron Age. The easy walk to the top not only allows one beautiful views of the city and the Firth of Forth, but also the opportunity to walk through moorlands and escape the bustle of the city.

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  • Für uns war es das absolute Highlight, allerdings ist der Aufstieg alles andere als sehr einfach wie es im Reiseführer beschrieben ist. Nehmt euch am besten ein paar Snacks mit und genug zum trinken! Vergesst auf keinen Fall die Kamera, die Aussicht ist atemberaubend!
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  • spectecular. the cliff peak is actually just the smaller one but it gives a great view over all of the city on a ~270* angle.facing away from the city, the view on the upper peak gives a vast idea of the looks of the highland countryside of scotland.try it in the late afternoon and have a picknick on sunset to enjoy a great sundown just behind the castle. paths are set, You should be fine even without daylight.
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  • Great view over the area. I love the shape of this hill as well, reminds me of the Sugerloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro.
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