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Galatea bei Bruni

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Italian restaurant Ristorante Bruni at Galatea Galatea, you can connect fine gastronomy with the ambience of the ship and the Hamburg Alster. We feel connected to Italian cuisine, but you will find on our varied menu has some regional specialties. We have fresh fish every day that the boss himself to seek out the nightly fish market in the port of Hamburg. The legend of Galatea's name GALATEA (also Galateia) comes from Greek mythology. GALATEA was named one of the 50 daughters of the sea god Nereus, the sea nymphs well-intentioned people, even Nereids and Oceanid Doris. Nereaneiden Legend has it that the embattled sailors come to help and are honored mainly in the ports. GALATEA was unsuccessfully wooed by the Cyclops Polyphemus. Polyphemus kills in a duel to her beloved shepherd Acis, in which he throws a huge rock against Acis, who is crushed him. Galateas desperate plea heard by the gods. They transform the dead into a bubbling spring, the soft murmur sounding like whispers of love for eternity about the love between Acis and GALATEA says. George Frideric Handel wrote around 1720 the secular oratorio, in which the chorus within the meaning of the legends of ancient drama Acis and Galatea commented, This article is adapted from the Italian cantata e Polyphemus Acis GALATEA that Handel had composed in 1708 in Naples. Dei action goes back to Theokritis and Ovid's Metamorphoses, both the Greek myth of the origin of the river at the foot of Mount Etna Aci were apprehended.

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