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Idyllic village near Istanbul

Polonezkoy, formerly known as Adampol is a touristic Polish village located in Istanbul, TURKEY. It was founded by Adam Czartoryski in 1842.

Polonezkoy-Adampol, within Istanbul is a cultural and historical event that has never before been seen in the world. Lets check out the brief history of the village.

Polonezkoy was established after the invasion of Poland by its neighbors Austria, Russia and Prussia in 1775. The emigrants from the rebellions in Poland and Hungary; and the Crimean War during the years of 1831-1863, have found a reliable environment in Ottoman lands. There were only four inhabitants at the town on the 18th of February 1842, and years later the population increased to hundreds. They took the Turkish citizenship in 1938.
Nowadays, Polonezkoy is one of the most famous villages in the world with its geographical state, culture and history. Hundreds of Polish people still live there with their own culture. The village is the one and only place in Istanbul that is very close to the city center and it makes the town easy for arrival. The village is very popular especially for the weekend activities and attractions. Polonezkoy's Club Hotels, Pensions and Restaurants are serving great opportunities for their guests. There are many hotels, pensions, restaurants and garden barbecue places within Polonezkoy.

If you want to have a nice weekend activity with the company of nature and history, here is one the best place in Istanbul. Polonezkoy is a brand new stairway to heaven inside Istanbul. Source from

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