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French Guiana

The Capital of France in South America

French Guiana is many things, but it is always tropical when you arrive. Most flights arrive and depart from Cayenne, a city located on South America’s northern coast. While it may feel a little expensive at first, you’ll make up for it by enjoying surfing and sunbathing on the beach. Strolling down Avenue General de Gaulle, your first stops may include local vendors or the Museum of French Guyanese Culture. French Guiana’s food and music are a unique combination of Caribbean and South American tastes. Leaving the former island city of Cayenne provides a panoramic smorgasbord once you hit the South American rainforest – whether alone or in a tour group. You can travel to nearby Kourou, and watch the European Space Agency conduct a rocket launch at the Guiana Space Centre (CGS).

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  • Pas de bus entre l'aéroport et la ville de Cayenne. Prévoir de se faire ramener ou prendre un taxi. Pour les villes éloignées il est possible de prendre un taxi co, à prévoir avant l'arrivée. Sinon ils stationnent à Cayenne près du canal.
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