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The Smallest of Africa’s Great Lakes Nations

Much like the other countries that once fell under Belgium’s colonial administration, Burundi’s twentieth century history has been one of poverty, assassination and ethnically-charged civil war. And yet, with several years having passed since the last major outbreak of violence, there are hopeful signs that Burundi, like Rwanda, is ready to emerge from the darkness and rebuild itself. Due to its landlocked geography and sparse natural resources, Burundi’s success in developing its economy will depend largely upon tourism. The future remains uncertain, but adventurous travelers in the region are already discovering that this land of lush plateaus and rolling hills has much natural beauty to offer. Tourist facilities throughout the countryside range from primitive to nonexistent, so those looking to make arrangements should head directly for the capital, Bujumbura. The easiest way to get there is by the Lake Tanganyika ferry from Kigoma, Tanzania, but visitors with their own four wheel-drive vehicles can make a detour to the east for a stop at Mt. Heha, the country’s highest peak. Those with tighter and schedules and more limited options can optimize their time by heading north from Bujumbura towards the Rwandan border. Choosing this route allows for visits to Kibira and Rurubu, Burundi’s two national parks, which were established in the 1980s to combat the effects of deforestation and poaching.

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