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Game Reserves and Treasure Troves

Connecting flights from neighboring South Africa or elsewhere enable a transition from more moderate climes to much hotter and drier weather. Landing at Gaborone, the country's capital, you’ll find it quite modern in architecture and public transportation compared with most African nations - in stark contrast, its rural citizens excel at basket weaving. City attractions include the National Museum and Art Gallery, and an excellent golf course. With a few days of relaxation under your belt, you can head out to the countryside for a day-long safari or game-hunting expedition. Many national parks and game reserves are maintained by the national government. Other rewarding pursuits include placer mining for diamonds, of which this part of Africa is highly renowned. Most diamonds you can find will be between the size of a small pebble and a marble. Provided the land isn’t owned by De Beers, you can take your diamonds home with you.

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  • Botswana und die Dombo Farm sind immer eine Reise wert! Zwei Nationalparks in direkter Umgebung.
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