Augustiner Stiftskeller

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Augustiner Stiftskeller

Combination of restaurant, café, and bar, where the famous Augustiner beer is served on tap

Right in the heart of Innsbruck is the monastery beerhall, which opened in 2008. The walls are over 700 years old, and the locality has honored that atmosphere. The menu offers mainly traditional Tyrolean "home cooking" and the world-famous Augustiner beer (also available in larger glasses). Like the setting, the atmosphere is rustic and relaxed.

The restaurant consists of several rooms as well as a student bierkeller (with somewhat slower service and mediocre music). Those who haven't yet gotten tired of "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Summer of '69" know what they are getting into. At least the prices are in the budget category, and the quality of the beer almost qualifies as a sensation. Locals use the student bierkeller as a warmup stop for their nightly forays.

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  • Very nice interior and excellent beer! The food is good, too and fits the taste of many. The waiting time to be served is a bit long, though. Own, large non-smoking room. Overall a very nice place to eat and drink.
    about a decade ago report abuse
  • nice place and very good beer...
    unfortunately the staff is a little "demotivated" and slow and the music can be a pain in the a** after hearing "country roads" for the 500th time...
    last decade report abuse



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