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Aquincum Museum

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Aquincum Museum

The rooms of the Archaeological Museum, opened in 1894, display items from religious cults, sculptures, fragments of mosaics, tools, containers, coins and jewellery.

Among the most valuable exhibits are the famous portable water organ dating from AD 228, the Jupiter column, a marble Diana and Minerva, a Mithras statue, a manuscript dated AD 19, which is the oldest written document so far found in Hungary, and ivory and horn carvings. Several stone artefacts such as altars, tombstones and reliefs stand in the pillar hall and in the lapidarium. The ruins around the museum give an idea of the planned Roman city, around 400m x 600m (450yd x 650yd) in size, which in addition to numerous, mostly one-storey private homes, encompassed several baths, a market hall, a Mithras sanctuary and a basilica. The remains of the ancient water and sewage system, including water pipes, canals and heating installations, are interesting not only for experts. An aqueduct was exposed during the extension of Szentendrei út, a broad arterial road that leads all the way to the small town of Szentendre. Individual sections can still be seen along the side of the road or on the central reservation between traffic lanes.

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