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Sharjah Art Museum

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Sharjah Art Museum

The three-storey building houses the largest art exhibition in the UAE, primarily featuring paintings by Arab artists

A majority of the exhibited paintings, historic maps and objects come from Sheikh Sultan Bin-Mohammed al-Qasimi’s private collection. Eight permanent exhibitions show 300 works with the Middle East as their subject, including lithographies by David Roberts (1796 – 1864). Among the contemporary artists whose works are shown here are John R. Harris, Ali Darwish, Ali, I. Gilbert and Abdel Kader al-Rais. The museum is particularly proud of its possession of the old documents on the al-Qasimi’s resistance against the British colonial power in the 19th century. Local artists are given free studio space, which also gives museum visitors the chance to watch the artists and painters at work (Al-Boorj Avenue, Shewhain;

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