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Hatta Rock Pools

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Hatta Rock Pools

17km/10.6mi south of Hatta lies one of the most impressive landscapes in the Emirate of Dubai: the Hatta Rock Pools

The Hatta Rock Pools are a group of ravines carrying water all year round. Several travel companies as well as the Hatta Fort Hotel organize half and full-day tours here. However, with a four-by-four and decent maps, tourists can also visit Hatta Pools by themselves. From the roundabout on the street from Dubai to Hatta, near the Hatta Fort Hotel, turn right and follow the street south-east. At the local police station about 3km/1.9mi further on there is another small roundabout. Turn south here and pass the school with the colourful mural paintings. The street first leads to the small oasis villages of Jeema, known for its mineral water, and Al-Fay; continue then along a dirt road, reaching Hatta Pools after nearly 15km/9.3mi. Along the road, several shady palm trees make for an idyllic spot for a picnic (which the Hatta Fort Hotel is happy to put together). At Hatta Pools, however, natural shade will be sought in vain.

Hatta Rock Pools travel guide by Marco Polo 2011 country guide

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