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The South Pacific, at its purest

If you stare into the waters off the shore of Fiji, you will notice something mysterious. The water is not a pure sheet of color but rather a patchwork of azure, turquoise, and sapphire mingling with streaks of midnight blue and flashes of green. This is the beauty of purity, and that purity is Fiji. Bright blue starfish rest in shallow waters, and soft green hills rise to meet the sky. The locals add their song to the sunset, another orgy of color, until the stars take over the sky like an explosion of tiny crystals. You will fall in love with the untouched natural beauty of Fiji once the Fijians welcome you to enjoy their slice of paradise. Mellow and quick to laugh, the locals will not rest until you have mastered at least one local dance and sampled the hearty traditional cuisine of smoked vegetables and fish. The fresh fruit that hangs heavily from the trees and the legions of colorful sea creatures you glimpse in the waters are further reminders of Fiji’s abundance as well as a window into a time when the earth was younger. You will find delight in Fiji’s utter beauty and peace in the pure simplicity of life in this gorgeous island nation.

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  • Vulawalu Beach

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    in Fiji

    An incredible beach on the main island of Yasawa.

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