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The metropolis is the commercial and cultural center of the country. You'll also find the only attractions of the Maldives. Ideally Malé but also for shopping, because you have a product range to find the cheaper and more varied than in the hotel boutiques. Excursions to Malé from almost every island offered. They last usually a day, with plenty of time for the arrival and departure is needed. A few facts first: Approximately 72 000 inhabitants (the unofficial figure is about 75 000) live in Malé. And because the city only good 1.5 km ² is large, this corresponds to a population density of 50 000 inhabitants per square kilometer. The city is probably the smallest and most densely populated capital of the world. Malé has unfortunately a part of the original charm is lost, and presents itself today as a bustling town in which all government agencies and offices, and all companies have their headquarters. The metropolitan area of Malé is divided into four districts, they say Henveiru, Galolhu, Machchangolhi and Maafannu. The name comes from Malé probably a variant of the Hindi word Mahal, which is as much as means fortress. The island was not always so great as today. About 100 years ago lived here just 2000 people, which pirates from fear of a wall around their modest huts built around. However, since more and more people crowded into the capital, saw the government forced the island edges aufzuschütten

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  • Malé é veramente una città da scoprire, L'isole é un paradiso tanti itinerari anche scoperti su e anche altri siti per un bel viaggio ;)
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