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South Australia travel guide

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South Australia

Deserts, vineyards and big sky - South Australia is pure outback adventure.

Only 1.5 million people live in this state, which covers almost a million square km. Most of them live in the attractive, well kept capital, Adelaide, and in the fertile lands along South Australia’s main artery, the mighty Murray River. The agricultural regions of South Australia produce wine, fruit and grain. Move west or north, and you are soon among extensive cattle and sheep stations, then farther still come arid areas and the fascinating desert. Almost everyplace there are hidden oases offering a wealth of plant and animal life. Even the driest lands suddenly blossom into life following the rare, and often violent, rainstorms. Wildflowers open, insects hum, and birds flock around the suddenly full lakes and ponds. Kangaroos, dingoes and small marsupials breed during these times of plenty. A few weeks later, when the last water has evaporated away under the hot sun, this life is extinguished…

South Australia travel guide by Marco Polo 2011 country guide

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  • Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park

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    National park
    in Australia

    Red rocks, deep canyons, and cave paintings . Deep gorges, gleaming rock formations and vast plai...

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