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  • Counting on the beautiful location and the historical building from the center of Brasov, the Cerbul Carpatin practice what is called a scam dining lowest present case: under cover of a story, beautifully illustrated in the menu, your food is served at a student cafeteria level but on high prices: pork musse is actually a pork minced meat bought from the supermarket , the tomato sauce is the cheapest ketchup . If you order lamb chops in mustard crust, they provide you without mustard but explanaining that the chef decided to change the recipe and make them without mustard in order not to affect the taste of the meat! ( they serve it cold ) . If you draw attention that they not follow what is written on the menu, and their service is under a pathetic level, their solution for compensation is : would you like to make your return of the food ? no trace of regret excuse. All this miserable show was served in 1.5 hours of waiting in an empty local. A place to be avoided.
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  • The restaurant looks nice and the staff is friendly, but the food served there is below any standard. My schnitzel was not properly cooked and the salad wasn't fresh, whilst the traditional food my boyfriend ordered was tasteless and the meat was old. Also the beef and vegetable soups were poorly cooked and served cold. I definitely would not recommend this restaurant.
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