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Plac Piłsudskiego

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Plac Piłsudskiego

No national public holiday passes on which this square is not filled with tens of thousands of people.

A very large, empty square which is named after the marshal who led Poland to independence in 1918. It is often used for staging major events. At the western end of the square you will find the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a memorial to commemorate all those nameless heroes who died fighting to secure Poland's freedom. The symbolic tomb monument, at which an eternal flame burns, is situated beneath the arcades of the former Saxon Palace. It was constructed in the 1920s, rebuilt in parts after the Second World War and provided with the urns of the fallen from all the places at which Poles fought and died. The memorial is guarded by soldiers. You can watch the ceremonial changing of the guard every Sunday at 12 pm. According to plans devised by the city's leaders, the entire Saxon Palace is set to be rebuilt over the next few years. It is said that, like the Royal Palace, it will be built true to the original design. The arcades of the former Saxon Palace form the entrance to Ogród Saski, the little Saxon Garden.

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